Totally Tennis Summer Camp at RRC

Totally Tennis Summer Camp

Camp Details:
Starts June 17
Seven one-week sessions (M-Th)
Ages 4+
Lobbers, Slicers (~ages 4-10) | 12pm-1:30pm
Topspinners, Tiebreakers (~ages 10-16) | 1:30pm-3:30pm

Totally Tennis Summer Camp

Totally Tennis Summer Camp is entering it’s 35th year at RRC!  And for 34 years we’ve offered excellence in tennis instruction.  Our staff is talented, dedicated and very much into tennis.  We love to teach kids of all ages, all levels, all types!

Typical Day

Group warm-ups:
Think Frisbee tossing, football throwing, jump roping and agility ladders. The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting warmed up to play tennis!

Skills Building:
Proper mechanics, grips, strokes and footwork are all taught at camp in a manner that speaks to the kids. The coaches do a mix of drop, hand and basket feeding.

Who doesn’t love games? The coaches have a bunch up their sleeves and the kids quickly know them all by name. Kids love to come up with variations; as long as they are beneficial and safe, we give them a try!

Applied Play:
At the end of the day, every kid wants to play some “real tennis”. Under the red, orange, green and yellow ball system, we can get a good rally going at all ages.

**Thursday is prize and otter pop time!


  • Totally Tennis Summer Camp teaches tennis to kids in a way that makes them want more!
  • Our coaches have over 100 years of teaching experience. We staff not only high school and college players, but also USPTA professionals. There is a range of teaching expertise and perspective on court, and we’ll adjust teachers throughout the week to make sure each student has time with a teacher that is a “best fit”.
  • We involve kids in the process of learning which quickly piques their interest and engages them in the game.
  • New friendships are made each summer at TTSC, and the players walk away with a sport for life.


We don’t have a kid’s racquet, do you have loaners?
Yes! No problem. (You can also buy a racquet on site.)

What does my child need to bring?
Tennis shoes, hat or visor (if they will wear one), water bottle (with name) and a SMILE.  Sunscreen applied prior to the start of camp.

Why don’t you do a whole day program?
Most tennis camps that offer full day programs include a lot of “other” activities.  While these are fun, they don’t necessarily offer more instruction.  We’re efficient and targeted!  (Though the RRC Day Camp does offer this format: 4-9 year olds do swimming, crafts and games in the morning, then come up to TTSC in the afternoon.)

What level is my child?
Beginners are lobbers/slicers.  Kids who have experience and/or are match-ready are topspinners/tiebreakers.
From there, we’ll arrange the kids based on skill/age when they arrive.  The younger players (red and orange ballers/lobbers/slicers) will be set up on courts with other kids of like ability.
For the older kids (green and yellow ballers/topspinners/tiebreakers), there will be a lot of different levels, the teachers will assess the kids on day 1 and move them around as necessary.  Of course, we’re sensitive to age splits (and friendships), and work hard to make the camp instructional and fun.  Camp Director Lisa Berg is always available for questions.