Summer Camps for Kids at RRC

RRC Day Camp

Member registration will open on February 15, 2024.
Non-member registration will open on March 1, 2024.

Camp Details:
Starts June 17, runs six weeks
Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm
Extra time offered from 2pm-3pm
Ages 4-9
$405, members
$480, non-members

RRC Day Camp

Day Camp at RRC is classically summer.  Campers will enjoy crafts and games outside by our beautiful pool area, and are enrolled in Little Marlin Swim School and Totally Tennis Summer Camp programs for expert swim and tennis instruction.  We provide lunch from our delicious cafe, making the whole thing easy breezy.

Typical Day

Kids are being dropped off, sunscreen checks are performed and we decorate our camp

Camp games get us ready for the day

We break into groups and cycle through Arts & Crafts, Group Swim Lessons & Sports & Games

Lunch! Kids get to pick from our Cafe Kids Menu; they love getting to place their own orders!

Totally Tennis Summer Camp

Camp rest time & pick up

After care kiddos enjoy free swim, special projects and story time activities

Why RRC?

Well, it’s a great question. Marin County is teeming with wonderful summer programs for kids, so how do you choose?

You can trust the RRC Day Camp to offer excellent instruction in tennis and swimming, and nestled in between, a classic summertime experience.

Our professional staff has designed the instructional programs to teach the fundamentals, while growing love for the sport.  We’re committed to improvement through age appropriate skills instruction and fun!

It is summer, after all, so we are outside as much as possible doing what you loved as a kid; playing group games, eating popsicles, making lanyards and more.  RRC is the ultimate summer getaway, right here in your backyard.


My child isn’t water-safe, is this camp right for him/her?
Yes. We are fanatical about safety, especially around the pool. First, no one is “water safe”, so we start there; how do we make each kid a more safe swimmer? We start by assessing their skills on day 1. Typically the skills will track by age and they’ll stay in their age-based group, sometimes we move kids around at this point. The Group Swim Lesson will address each skill group, starting with learners. We teach air management, body positioning and body movement. The whole time, there is a 3:1 teacher-camper ratio, a lifeguard on duty and a counselor on deck. During free swim, a counselor will be in the water if any learners are swimming. Lifeguards and a second counselor is on deck.

We don’t have kids’ racquets, do you have loaners?
Yes! No problem. (You can also buy a racquet on site.)

What do I bring?
You’ll pack a backpack with swimsuit, goggles, towel, sunscreen (we have extra), hat, good sneakers and a water bottle.

How are groups formed?
Groups are formed by age, typically. Sometimes we’ll move kids around based on swim skills. We can often accommodate friend requests.

What do the kids eat?
Kids get a mid-morning and afternoon snack of crackers, pretzels or fruit. For lunch, kids get chips and fruit, with a choice of: quesadilla, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, hot dog or chicken caesar salad.