Brian Edwards

Personal Trainer

Brian is an ASCM Health Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.  He is skilled in sports conditioning for athletes, utilizing cutting edge training techniques that improve speed, power and core stabilization.  Brian is also a certified massage therapist, focused on integrating myofascial release as an important component of fitness training.  A native of Brooklyn, NY, Brian was groomed for a career in fitness in the U.S. Navy, where his amateur bodybuilding and boxing experience positioned him to win a U.S. Navy boxing competition and where he was also nominated Athletic Petty Officer by his peers requiring him to design and lead team training drills.  Brian takes his fitness philosophy from the parks of New York City, where, while caring for his newborn daughter, he honed his integrated approach to fitness training by incorporating elements of the outdoors into a comprehensive system of integrated flexibility, strength and proprioceptive-based exercises designed to increase optimal performance.

Professionally, while in New York, Brian worked as a Program Director and Personal Fitness Trainer for Reebok Sports Club.  Brian moved his family to the West Coast in 197 and joined the San Francisco Bay Club, where he worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Sports Conditioning Coach.  He was named Trainer of the Year by the Bay Club in 1999.  His experience also includes work at the Asher Clinic in Marin, focused on post-rehabilitation training and athletic training.

Brian, a father of two daughters, resides in Marin County, where he takes his inspiration from the great outdoors where he runs, mountain bikes and meditates.

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