New to Tennis? Returning to Tennis?

Whether you’re entirely new to the game or are simply returning after hanging up your Agassi’s in the 1980s, you can get on the courts at RRC. We offer a variety of programs, clinics, leagues and so much more throughout the year that are tailored to people of all skill levels.
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Take a lesson or a clinic. Talk to one of our excellent pros about instructional opportunities to dial in your game before “going public”. Click here to read more.

Events are great fun and are (nearly) always offered for ALL levels. We mean it! We don’t care if you’re Billy Jean King or “guy who played when he was 9″. Sign up and give it a shot.

Having said that, we know how you feel about hopping on the courts as a newbie, so if a lesson isn’t in the cards, our lovely ball machines are always at the ready to offer a steady hand and no judgment.