Rafael Racquet Club is committed to growing the game of tennis within our juniors community.  The program is designed to develop the player’s skills as well as teaching good sportsmanship in the hopes that they will foster a love for the sport.  Programs are offered for all ages and abilities so that each player will be slotted into the program that best suits their skill level.  The RRC tennis program coaches have the final decision on players advancing in levels.

After School Jr. Tennis Program

Contact Lisa 415-456-1837 with any questions or to learn more.

Members have priority for registration.

Spring Classes begin Monday, March 16, 2020
9 week session

We notify students by 2:30pm on the day of their practice if its a rain-out.  Rain days will be added back at the end of the session.

Tennis is off the week of April 6.

Lobbers (Red Ballers):
Monday and Wednesday 3:40-5:10
$330, members / $395, non-members 1 day/week (must specify day)
$600, members / $720, non-members 2 days/week

Slicers (Orange Ballers):
Monday and Wednesday 3:40-5:10
$330, members / $395, non-members 1 day/week (must specify day)
$600, members / $720, non-members 2 days/week

Topspinners (Orange or Novice Green Ballers):
Monday and Wednesday 3:40-5:10
$330, members / $395, non-members 1 day/week (must specify day)
$600, members / $720, non-members 2 days/week

Tiebreakers (Green or Yellow Ballers):
Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:30
$430, members / $515, non-members 1 day/week (must specify day)
$800, members / $950, non-members 2 days/week

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  1. After School Jr Tennis

    Our After School Jr Tennis program is a great way to keep your child on the right path towards improving his or her game.  Players are grouped by age and ability.  Each court will focus on technique, game strategy and more in innovative and fun ways.  Sessions are 9 weeks long; rain days and/or school breaks are factored into the length of the session.

  2. Lobbers

    Lobbers – ages 4 to 6 – This class is for the child that is excited to give tennis a try; introducing the sport in a fun and relaxed manner.  The kids will learn the grips and strokes using racquets that are appropriately sized for them.  We use the mini nets and low compression balls.  The players begin with rolling the balls back and forth and progress to feeding balls to each other and rallying.  They learn to orient themselves to the side of the ball and to target shots.

  3. Slicers

    Slicers – ages 6+ to 10 – This class is for the beginning tennis player that may or may not have had an introduction to the game before.  They learn the correct grips and stroke patterns and begin to try to rally with each other.  As a guideline, the kids at this level can hit the ball for the most part standing from between the service line to the 60′ court line.  More movement is introduced into this group as well as maintaining balance and body rotation.

  4. Topspinners

    Topspinners – ages 9 to 13
    This class is a combination of abilities as it is the spring board to our tiebreakers program.  We work on the mechanics of all the strokes and footwork, as well as focusing on rallying and consistency.  There will be coaches using hand and racquet feeding in conjunction with live ball drills where the kids work with each other.  Many of the kids in this group will be the players that are preparing to begin league play.  We will work on basic spins, both hitting them as well as receiving them.

  5. Tiebreakers

    Tiebreakers – ages 8 to 15
    This class is geared toward the players that are currently participating in league play in Marin as well as venturing into challenger and open tournaments at the USTA level.  The player wants to play competitive tennis and is prepared to work very hard and commit to attending two practices per week.  Match strategy, mental toughness proper footwork, fitness and handling pressure will all be a part of this workout.  This group will need to have an RRC coach’s recommendation in order to participate.

  6. Junior Team Tennis

    USTA Jr. Team Tennis is a national youth tennis league played in all 50 states. It’s not about the individual. USTA Jr. Team Tennis is all about—building your game while building a team.

    Kids get together to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles against other teams. It promotes values you would expect from any sport by fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity and individual self-growth. Also, it’s a fun environment for kids where they learn that succeeding is really more about how you play the game – win or lose.

    Teams will play an average of 5-6 matches, home and away.  Overall win/loss record determines the local league winner.  Depending on the season or division, there are multiple opportunities to advance to postseason team championships. These USTA events not only showcase great tennis played in a team environment; it is a great social experience for the players, coaches and even parents!

    USTA JTT consists of 10U (orange ball) & 12U (green ball) & 14U (yellow ball). Click here to learn more about JTT.  RRC coaches will determine player readiness as the season approaches.

  7. Net Generation / ROG Tennis

RRC’s Jr Tennis programs are expertly taught by our Tennis Director, Lisa Berg and Head Pro Mike Downs, along with a full staff of talented teaching pros, college and post-college tennis players, and local high school players. We always have a low student-teacher ratio.

Click here to learn more about RRC’s pros.