Wet Court Policy

We would like to get you back on dry courts as quickly as possible after rain or heavy fog dampens them. Please read ahead for the Club’s policy on drying the courts:

  • Our maintenance staff will squeegee, roll and spot dry lines in an effort to dry the courts.
  • We start this process after the rain/mist has cleared and when no additional rain or heavy fog is anticipated in one hour from the time of cessation.
  • Matches have priority on dry courts (even if the driest courts were not originally scheduled to host the match).
  • The maintenance staff has an internal priority schedule for daily maintenance that includes preparing courts for play. This means that a maintenance staffer can typically allocate generous time resources to drying the courts, but in the absence of a match, or when weather conditions dictate, other facility items may take priority.
  • Members are welcomed and encouraged to use the drying equipment to dry their own court. “You dry it, you play it.”

Tennis Program Guidelines

The Tennis Program doc outlines various league policies (captaining, rosters, sign-ups, etc.), rules of etiquette and play, internal scheduling guidelines and an outline of the Tennis Committee structure.

Click here to view.

Court Etiquette

Players shall wear proper tennis attire at all times; this includes shirts and regulation tennis shoes. No black sole shoes.

Members must observe the rules of tennis etiquette whether on or off the court. Do not interfere with the progress of a game by conversation, noise, movement, or any other activity which would distract the players.

Small children must be under responsible supervision at all times and shall not be permitted to play on or near the courts.


The RRC courts are open for play during daytime hours (1 hour after sunrise until sunset).

Court Sign Up

  1. All members and guests must sign up for a court in the clubhouse before playing.
  2. Court time is one hour and fifteen minutes for singles and one and a half hours for doubles, unless altered by Club staff. Members may re-sign for a court only at the end of their allotted playing period.
  3. The sign up time may not be changed under any circumstances if all courts are occupied.
  4. All four (4) players for doubles, or both players for singles, must be present before signing up for a court. All names must be on the sign up sheet. Three (3) players will be assigned the same length of time as a singles game.
  5. No member may sign up for a second court while completing court time on another; nor may he/she sign another member’s name to a court.
  6. If you change courts after signing up, you are required to change the court designation on the court sheets.

Junior Tennis: Court Priority

Adults have priority on courts 1-6 at all times. Courts 7-9 are equal priority courts. Juniors may sign up for and have equal priority to adults on these courts.


While a tournament is in progress, the club staff will decide all open court usage. During events with non-member participation (interclub matches, etc), at least two courts are to be reserved for members not participating in the event. The Hal Wagner Tournament may use up to nine courts for three days.