Mike’s Mini Camps

All done for the season! See you next year!

  1. Weekday Camps

    Offered Monday-Thursday, July 9-12 and July 23-26, 9:30am-11:30am

    Comprehensive camp covering stroke production, doubles strategy and games

    $180/members, $210/non-members

  2. Evening Camp

    Offered July 18-20

    Wednesday-Friday, 6pm-8pm

    Intensive training focusing on stroke development, footwork and patterns of play

    $135/members, $160/non-members

  3. Weekend Camp

    Offered August 4-5 and August 11-12

    Saturday-Sunday, 4pm-6pm

    For players 3.0 and up, a fun blend of drills, games and play

    $90/members, $105/non-members

Carrie’s Mini Camps

All done for the season! See you next year!

  1. Defending the Court

    Offered June 20-21 and July 21-22

    June 20-21, Wednesday-Thursday, 6pm-8pm

    July 21-22, Saturday-Sunday, 4pm-6pm

    Athletic skill development of direction change, lateral movement and balance, ball recognition; giving and taking court position and tactical serve and return strategies.

    $90/members, $105/non-members

  2. Expert Rallyer

    Offered June 25-26, June 27-28

    June 25-26, Monday-Tuesday, 9:30am-11:30am

    June 27-28, Wednesday-Thursday, 6pm-8pm

    Develop complex athletic skills and reaction speed, 5 ball controls as it relates to technical/game situations, serve accuracy and consistency.

    $90/members, $105/non-members

  3. Net Dominator

    Offered June 30-July 1, July 16-17

    June 30-July 1, Saturday-Sunday, 4pm-6pm

    July 16-17, Monday-Tuesday, 9:30am-11:30am

    Focus on quality movement skills moving forward and backwards with balance, aggressive transition to net position, and develop the overhead through dynamic movement patterns.

    $90/members, $105/non-members