Assistant Manager

Born in San Francisco, Janet has lived in Marin all her life. Her parents were born on Guatemala and immigrated to California in the late 80’s. Janet has 7 other siblings, but only grew up with two brothers.
As a small girl she was a tomboy and she was quite the trouble maker. She started playing soccer as a small girl and has always been pretty active in almost all sports.

She attended Davidson Middle School and joined many great programs like the college prep program, Making Waves. Janet attended San Rafael High School and began to work two jobs her freshman year. The first job was at The MYC youth center where she was a Peer Resource Counselor for youth in her community and later was promoted to Front Desk Supervisor. The second job had Janet filling and labelling bottles, and making candles for a store.

After high school, Janet attended and graduated from College of Marin. Around the same time, both jobs ended and Janet came across the front desk post for a job at the Rafael Racquet Club. She was the first one hired for front desk and worked at the front for a year. In August 2013, a position opened up for Assistant Manager and Janet was promoted. Janet still wants to continue her education and hopes to become a Veterinary Assistant to care for dogs and cats.


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